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President Sherry Shundoff sherry@shundoff.com
Vice President Thomas Maynard bloodhoundred@yahoo.com
Treasurer Don Hatton               dhatton50@gmail.com
Secretary Patricia Hills pathills49@gmail.com
Director Linda Turk lturk0927@gmail.com
Director Steve Welsh snkwelsh@tds.net
Director Steve Andrew randrew0628@hotmail.com
Director Mark Munir markmunir@yahoo.com
Director Jim Gaereminck jimg_glmachine@hotmail.com
Ameri-Tech Property Manager
Tony Toscano 727-726-8000 ext. 233 ttoscano@ameritechmail.com

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Who is the Management Company?

The property management company is AMERI-TECH Property Management, Inc. They provide 24-hour property management service. The company is located at 24701 US Highway 19 N. Suite 102, Clearwater, FL 33763. You may reach them at 727-726-8000 then Dial 0 or e-mail Ameri-tech here